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Sometimes our clients want to simply add a piece of art to their location that will deliver an impression – a statement saying, “this is who we are or what we value.” Glass projects are often forgotten when artistic decisions are being made; yet they tend to deliver the strongest impact to an audience.

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Get Lost in the Details

Do you want to create an art project that is interactive, and offers an unique experience from different angles? Do you want an audience to get lost in the fine details of your piece? If so, working with glass can be exactly the solution you desire.


Working with glass to create sculptures can produce some of the most amazing, and realistic pieces of art you will find today. As a material, glass offers a the ability to shape and influence the end result like you wouldn’t expect from an item you commonly associate as being hard and rigid. It contains a fluidity that cannot be found in any other medium.


It can be tough to provide awards that truly belong as a showpiece on someone’s bookshelf or mantle. This is not a problem with glass. Glass offers the ability to create amazing color effects and intricate details that people can admire for long periods of time. If you want to deliver an award that leaves an impact— choose glass.