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Techniques & Textures

We stand by our decades of experience and know that GRT is the perfect

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A Custom Approach to Your Needs

The possibilities that can be explored with GRT Glass Design are limitless. We will work with our clients directly, in a consultative manner, to grasp their unique challenges and needs. Once an idea is visualized, we will put together an expert strategy so that your inspiration can become a reality.
We use our expert knowledge of industry trends and decades of experience to deliver a custom piece that is as timely as it is timeless. Doing so requires sticking to a sound process and maintaining a commitment to quality that cannot be found anywhere else.

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Our Specialities

GRT Glass Design has promoted the commitment of supplying the best architectural art glass available by striving to exceed customer demands for new and innovative products, while still supplying the best traditional work.

Kiln Fired Glass

Kiln fired glass is clear glass put into the kiln alongside a substrate and heated to its melting point. Once the glass’ temperature is above the melting point, it takes on the shape of the pattern or mold of the substrate.

Cast Glass

Just like with metal, molten glass may be poured into a mold producing a three dimensional figure in the reverse of the mold. This is especially useful in the creation of awards or exact replicas. Examples of this technique are sculptures or a figurine.

Etched Glass

Etched glass is created by sandblasting a piece of masked glass to create a design. A shape or pattern is cut from a piece of vinyl (the mask) and applied to the clear glass. When the sand strikes the exposed glass, it scores the clear glass, resulting in the desired white translucent image.
Deep Etching and Cutting: Another use of sandblasting is cutting deeper than a simple etching process to form shapes and alter the appearance of the glass. Examples of this technique include: light switches, or shading of lighter etched portions of the design.

Fused Glass

Similar to kiln fired glass, we are able to form shapes into pieces of glass. Through this technique, glass can be altered through the process and create a desired form. Examples of this technique include: bowls and curved pieces.

Custom Pieces

All of GRT glass designs are custom made and designed always with your vision in mind. We work with you so you can receive a custom piece of artwork. Examples of this technique include: sculptures, water features, clocks, blown glass and shadow boxes.


Unique textures are an amazing way to let your project stand out and amaze. Below are a collection of some of our standard textures.
20 – 20 Texture

Board Texture

Bricks Texture

Bubbles Texture

Bug Texture

Focus Texture

Gator Texture

Indiana Rain Texture

Lasik Texture

Lava Texture

Linex Texture

Mid Linear Texture

Mini Linear Texture

Mini Linear Dew Drops Texture

Optic Texture

Reed Texture

Rocky Road Texture

Rough Swirl Texture

Smoke Texture

Vertigo Texture