A Custom Approach to Your Needs

The possibilities that can be explored with GRT Glass Design are limitless. We will work with our clients directly, in a consultative manner, to grasp their unique challenges and needs. Once an idea is visualized, we will put together an expert strategy so that your inspiration can become a reality.
We use our expert knowledge of industry trends and decades of experience to deliver a custom piece that is as timely as it is timeless. Doing so requires sticking to a sound process and maintaining a commitment to quality that cannot be found anywhere else.

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The Process

Since the beginning, the purpose of GRT is to serve our clients by listening to their needs and delivering stunning pieces of art on every occasion. We stand by our decades of experience and know that GRT is the perfect glass design company to serve your individual and customized needs.


Our ideas are built on the foundation of your input. At GRT Glass Design, we want to hear from you and get your ideas first. We believe you can help inspire amazing pieces of work. Through our visualization and consultation process, we will take those ideas from a figment of your imagination into a concept you can see. Each unique visualization will be met with a customized plan of action that can take the concept from sketch to final result, and account for every step along the way.


Once ideas have been presented, and the proposal has been discussed, we turn our attention to taking the vision and creating a reality. Working outside of the box is where we specialize. As we progress through your project, we always challenge our staff to find new and unique ways to help your project set itself apart. As we craft your unique project, we believe in paying close attention to detail. Even the smallest of flaws can hurt your final piece, so quality is our number one priority. Since so much of our business comes from the referrals of happy clients, we know that the secret to our success is exceeding expectations and amazing our customers every single day.


We believe the key to any successful business in honesty and clear dialogue every step of the way. Every project, regardless of the size, needs to fit within a certain budget. The proposal process allows us to illustrate the costs, and timeline associated with the concepts you imagine for your needs. We use the proposal process to fine-tune your project, so that we can deliver a beautiful and cost-effective solution you can admire and enjoy for years. Since no project is too big, or too small, we are accustomed to tailoring a plan specific to your unique needs.



Once your project is completed in our Indianapolis shop, a major step still remains – installation. An improper installation of your project can ruin the entire piece, so we make a point to personally oversee the installation of our glass products. No matter where you are located around the world, our sole focus is to make sure your one-of-a-kind piece is protected and installed in a way that will maximize the impact.