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Success in the hospitality industry is reliant on creating space people want to return to again and again. Setting the right atmosphere can help a space feel welcoming and comfortable, or it can completely turn people away. Nothing sets the atmosphere of a location quite like art.

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Create a Memorable Impact

Utilizing glass projects throughout your location can help create a memorable impact that will remain with your consumer. Glass features feel inviting and create a sense of amazement that other solutions cannot offer. The transparent properties of glass also allow light to fill spaces that could otherwise feel cold and dark. Light is always the key to warmth, and warmth always creates a welcoming feeling.

Water Features

Water features are often an inviting place in any location. Insert a water feature and you instantly create a spot that people want to gather around and enjoy. The sound of water soothes and creates a feeling of comfort that will leave an impression on your consumer. Glass offers clients the ability to provide the relaxation of a water feature and the artistic wonder that is not afforded by other types of fountain projects.

Banisters & Stairway Panels

If your location features a large amount of stairs, these structures can tend to make your space feel congested and dark. Instead of solid drywall barriers or other building products, use glass to line your stairway and allow light to flow more openly through your space.

Awards, Donor Walls, and Memorials

Nothing seems as uninspired as tile mosaics around your restroom sinks or other areas where backsplashes are placed. Utilizing glass instead can create an amazing impact that improves the clean and sharp look of your space, while an unmatched glass texture can provide the fine details that will wow your guest.