The Clear Choice

We adapt glass into beautiful works of art to help our clients deliver a lasting impression.
We enjoy the challenge of creating diverse, unique projects with glass and pushing the boundaries of what is possible. We often find innovative ways to combine glass with other materials such as metal, stone, and water to produce a lasting aesthetic impression.
We design, produce, ship and install art glass products around the world. Our creations have been utilized in both commercial businesses and residential homes. You may have already seen some of our amazing work in spectacular hotels, casinos, spas, museums, restaurants, educational facilities, corporate offices, healthcare facilities and residences across the United States and around the globe

Our Journey

Finding a passion for glass and following a true calling. 

GRT Glass Design was created from the inspiration of Greg Thompson, the company’s founder. Originally studying architecture at the Ohio State University, Greg became inspired by those he saw creating amazing pieces of glass. He discovered he had a true passion for stained glass and restoring glass in older buildings to create new pieces. Through this journey, he discovered glass art was his true calling.

Building a Legacy in the Heartland

As his passion grew and he continued to learn the trade, he noticed there was a large need for quality glass services in the market. He wanted to create a company that was willing to consult openly with clients and take on large scale projects.

His journey to meet the demand of clients wanting a unique approach to their physical space or monument led him to Indiana.  There were very few providers of quality glasswork located in the Crossroads of America and due to the central global location, Greg founded GRT Glass Design in 1987.

Since the day Greg started on this journey, GRT Glass Design has become a trusted company amongst professionals in the industry, and consumers across the country alike.  The company is now the creative force behind some of the most amazing pieces of artwork in cities everywhere


Why Choose GRT?

The possibilities with GRT Glass Design are limitless. We will work with our clients in a consultative manner to grasp their unique challenges and needs. We use our expert knowledge of industry trends and decades of experience to deliver a custom piece that is as timely as it is timeless.


You can trust GRT to deliver your project on-time and work to install your project in a way that will be dependable.


GRT prioritizes customization over mass production. We work with clients to create a one-of-a-kind product that is shaped from their unique vision.


No detail is too small in your designs or our artwork. We can reproduce the smallest element, reflecting the perfection you expect.


Our more than 30 years of experience allows us to deliver a finely crafted piece that will exceed your expectations.


We understand every project comes with certain challenges and constraints. We deliver amazing projects that fit the budget.


We focuses on quality innovation, distinctive design, production and safety. It was necessary to build our own kiln so we could provide the superior product.

Global Research

Headquartered in the Midwest, GRT can reach clients across the country and provide cost-effective production and logistics.


We are always pushing the boundaries of what is possible. The result: work that amazes and won’t be found elsewhere.

Product Line

Whether utilizing textures of kilned glass, many of which are exclusive to on GRT Glass Design, or custom textures developed with you or your clients, we can provide the look you wish to achieve.