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Finding a way to make your home stand out has become more challenging. When home improvement trends replicate in a frantic fashion, the rare upgrade you implement today will be in your neighbor’s home tomorrow. Glass is a commonly under-utilized feature in homes across the country. When we think of the glass in our home, we might simply think of windows and doors. Yet, glass can become the perfect accent for a wide variety of areas in your home.

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Versatile & Unique Statement

Glass offers a versatile and unique way to create talking points around your home. Whether for aesthetic appeal or taking advantage of glass’ ability to withstand the test of time, our projects will set your home apart.

Glass Backsplashes

Tile mosaics have become far too common in kitchen or bar backsplashes in homes across the country. Utilizing glass instead can create an amazing impact that improves the clean and sharp look of your space, while an uncommon glass texture can provide the fine details that will wow your guest.


Stone products are commonly used in countertops, but did you realize the amazing appeal a glass counter can have on your space? Glass maintains the same durability as stone, requires less treatment as those porous surfaces, and offers a quick cleanup. Meanwhile, you counters become a conversation starter the way granite or marble no longer can.

Bath & Shower Enclosures

Nothing detracts from a bathroom space like a cheap cloth shower curtain. Builder-grade glass shower doors also fail to create the bathroom sanctuary you seek. Our bath and shower projects offer an artistic option to liven up your bathroom space, with individual textures or designs can provide privacy.


The bathroom vanity is generally the main focus of our attention in our bathrooms. Think about the amount of time you spend in front of your sink, getting ready for the day or turning down for the night. Your sink does not have to suffer from the boring constraints most building products offer. A custom glass sink, or set, for your vanity can add an artistic accent enhancing every moment you spend in front of the bathroom mirror.