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Our healthcare clients share many of the same challenges. How can you create a feeling of warmth and compassion in a place where care is so critical to bottom-line success? This becomes even more challenging when you consider the wide range of reasons most people visit a healthcare facility. Some might enter to celebrate the addition of a life, while others are faced with life’s toughest challenges.

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Atmosphere Impacts Emotion

We understand how an atmosphere can directly impact the emotions of individuals. We work with our healthcare clients to build environments with glass projects that help individuals feel relaxed or soothed, offering a sense of peace and tranquility or simply a chance to become distracted in the intricacies of a beautiful glass piece.


No only can maneuvering through a healthcare facility be challenging, but the hallways can feel sterile. Provide functional art by using glass Wayfinding to assist patients, family members and staff find their way.

Doors & Privacy Barriers

Solid doors and walls tend to create a cold a sterile feeling in a healthcare facility where warmth is so vital. Swapping walls and doors with unique glass privacy barriers can help add light and a certain glow to your space, while still offering the critical amounts of privacy that your patient population expects.

Awards, Donor Walls, and Memorials

Pay tribute to significant donors, leaders, or fallen heroes with unique glass monuments, donor walls, or memorials. Glass tributes offer the ability to create art that is far different than cold, uninviting stone statues, while also maintaining the long-lasting durability that is required.