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We stand be our decades of eperience and know that GRT is the perfect glass 

design company to serve your individual and customized needs.


Sometimes our clients want to simply add a piece of art to their location that will deliver an impression – a statement saying, “this is who we are or what we value.” Glass projects are often forgotten when artistic decisions are being made; yet they tend to deliver the strongest impact to an audience.


Our healthcare clients share many of the same challenges. How can you create a feeling of warmth and compassion in a place where care is so critical to bottom-line success? This becomes even more challenging when you consider the wide range of reasons most people visit a healthcare facility. Some might enter to celebrate the addition of a life, while others are faced with life’s toughest challenges.

Higher Education

Successful educational institutions understand the importance of stimulating the imagination of students in all walks of life. Nothing quite taps the power of imagination and wonder like art. Glass projects are one of the most diverse, and rare forms of art around. Instead of 2D portraits, glass projects become interactive. Every angle becomes a different experience.


Success in the hospitality industry is reliant on creating space people want to return to again and again. Setting the right atmosphere can help a space feel welcoming and comfortable, or it can completely turn people away. Nothing sets the atmosphere of a location quite like art.


The purpose of any municipal project is to deliver a lasting impact for the community to enjoy. Whether you are looking to add appeal to your government building, or putting a project together to honor an individual or group that has contributed to your community, municipalities cannot afford to under-deliver.


Finding a way to make your home stand out has become more challenging. When home improvement trends replicate in a frantic fashion, the rare upgrade you implement today will be in your neighbor’s home tomorrow. Glass is a commonly under-utilized feature in homes across the country. When we think of the glass in our home, we might simply think of windows and doors. Yet, glass can become the perfect accent for a wide variety of areas in your home.