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The purpose of any municipal project is to deliver a lasting impact for the community to enjoy. Whether you are looking to add appeal to your government building, or putting a project together to honor an individual or group that has contributed to your community, municipalities cannot afford to under-deliver.

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Beautiful, Responsible Impact

Municipal projects are always a challenging balance between creating an unique project that will deliver a positive impact on the community and a responsible stewardship of government funds. We understand this challenge and specialize in delivering projects that are well received by communities for both their beauty and impact on the budget.


Pay tribute to leaders within the community, fallen heroes, or moments that should be remembered for all of time with glass. Glass monuments offer the ability to create art that is far different than stone statues, while also maintaining the long-lasting durability that is required.

Displays or Fountains

A key to creating public spaces people want to enjoy is the atmosphere you build. Adding a custom glass fountain, art display, clock, or other distinctive glass piece can help your location become more inviting and inspire positive experiences. Glass stands the test of time, and can allow for municipal projects of all types to maintain their matchless appeal when other options have long started to show an out-of-date appearance.