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Higher Education

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higher education

Higher Education

Successful educational institutions understand the importance of stimulating the imagination of students in all walks of life. Nothing quite taps the power of imagination and wonder like art. Glass projects are one of the most diverse, and rare forms of art around. Instead of 2D portraits, glass projects become interactive. Every angle becomes a different experience.

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Deliver a Lasting Impression

Glass projects are far more rare, meaning they offer the ability to tap the imagination unlike other projects. If you are looking to deliver a lasting impression at your higher education facility, glass can showcase some of the best characteristics of your organization and our team can work within the financial constraints balancing beauty with fiscal judgment.

Water Features

Nothing seems to attract a crowd and encourage conversation like a water feature. Fountains and water features become common gathering points and places to relax, take a break and soak in the sounds of water trickling.


Higher education has always made it a priority to reward success, and those rewards can often come in the form of an honor or award. Skip the certificates or generic plaques and explore how you can reward the unique abilities of some with a unique glass award.

Awards, Donor Walls, and Memorials

Pay tribute to significant donors, leaders, or fallen heroes with unique glass monuments, donor walls, or memorials. Glass tributes offer the ability to create art that is far different than cold, uninviting stone statues, while also maintaining the long-lasting durability that is required.